Induction training

We have a quite complete induction training system for the new employees, the training contents includes corporate culture, compensation and benefit, career development, process system, management system and logistics services, which can help the new employees quickly adapt the corporate culture.


epartment tutorial system

Each new employee (including employee who’s hired within the company) will have a corresponding tutor to take a three months period of induction training, ensuring that the new employee can quickly acquire the knowledge and skills required by the position.


Internal trainer system

There are regular training lessons organized and given by internal trainers and senior technicians and managers, which helps to achieve the interior knowledge transmission and experience sharing.


Systematical improvement of English

The company invites external English training agencies to organize English training such as Business Spoken English and Business Writing.


Diversified career development channel

The company has built professional and technical development access for our employees; optimize the development platform to help them to achieve the highest potential and maximum value.


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