In order to meet the wireless industry’s higher requirements to the advanced testing equipments and technology, Sunway set up an R&D and testing center in Nanshan Science and Technology Park in Shenzhen. In June 2012, Sunway testing center passed CNAS on-site audit and became CNAS accredited lab. Based on CNAS, we set to carry on CTIA test plan FOR CATL (CTIA Authorized Testing Lab) authorization. CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry), rooted in North America, is an authentication system which provides the wireless industry with impartial, independent and concentrated product evaluations. All the consumptive wireless products must pass the relevant compliance tests to meet the standards required by this authentication system, then it can be authorized to use the CTIA certification mark and gain market acceptance with market share. The local CTIA lab in China will bring much convenience and cost-reduction to our local customers and make a big advantage for the company in the competition. Having passed the strict and detailed on-site audit by expert from CTIA, Sunway testing center has officially recognize as a CTIA Certification Laboratory in April 2014, became one of the few certification labs authorized by CTIA in China.


R&D Testing Capability

  • 3D RF Anechoic Chamber

    Satimo Stargate 24/32

    (1 set in Shenzhen, 2 sets in Beijing
    and 1 set in Stockholm)


    ETS-Lindgren 8500

    (3 sets in Shenzhen, 2 sets in Shanghai,
    1 set in Cupertino and 1 set in Suwon)


    ETS-Lindgren 8600

    (1 set in Shenzhen)




    Switzerland Speag DASY 4/5

    (Both Shenzhen and Beijing have 2 sets, Shanghai, Stockholm and Cupertino each have 1 set of the equipment

  • 3D Acoustic Chamber

    Acoustic chamber

    (Both Shenzhen and Beijing have 1 set)




    SPL Test



    THD Test


    Resistance Test


    Rub & Buzz Noise Test

  • Test Box

    Constant temperature and humidity

    -40°C to +100°C

    RH: 10%-100%


    Thermal shock circulation

    Heat +50°C to +220°C

    Cold -80°C to +70°C

    Change Time <10 seconds


    Salt Spray Test

Laboratory demonstration

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