1. In connection with the business activities, employees shall not receive any cash, gift, security, stock equity, invitation, sports fitness, entertainment, tourism, and shall not receive communication tools, vehicles and high-class office supplies offered by the suppliers. Employees shall not borrow money from the suppliers and ask the suppliers to purchase personal effects for any reason.

2. Employees shall receive anti-corruption education regularly, to recognize the damages and baneful influences brought to the company and the society caused by the kick-backs, duty encroachment and bribery. Employees should accept the companys evaluation and oversight at any time, and shall not abuse the power to take illegal possession of the property of the company, and shall not harbor the subordinates who damage the companys interest. If it occurs, the employee should undertake the corresponding responsibilities.

3. Employees shall not ask or demand any kick-backs, commissions, gifts, securities, valuable items, pay-offs or any disguised material and spiritual interests; employees shall not ask the supplier to reimburse any expenses paid by the company or the individual.

4. Employees shall not take advantages of the companys business secrets as commercial interests for personal gain, stern actions will be taken against violation of the regulations, and the employee shall compensate for those losses as well as undertake the corresponding responsibilities.

5. Employees shall not receive companys business privately or do it on behalf of others.

6. Employees shall avoid doing any business with companys business associated companies outside of work, shall not take advantages of the influence of the position to place his relatives to work in the business associated company or gain any benefit.


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