Devoted to be a Global Leading Supplier of Audio & RF Component and Assembly with One-stop Solution.



. Customer first, people-oriented;

. Focus on the synchronous innovation of the cutting-edge R&D design and manufacturing technology;

. Pursue perfect quality;

. Expand product lines to provide more value-added services for the customer;

. To provide the closest support for the customer through globalization, strategically maintain and develop the key customers.


Core values

Customer Satisfaction

. Customer satisfaction is the best result.

. Care customer’s demand and achieve customer satisfaction through continuously improving our capability.

. Start from internal customer, let the partner next you have a feeling of customer.


. Keep the company interest as the fundamental starting point.

. Competitive result is the only reason that we can survive.

. Be object-oriented and commitment; Concentrate on result while never find excuse.

 Pursuit of The Perfection

. Be determined and courageous to defeat the competitor.

. Fully collect inion on customers and competitors, find benchmark, continuously learn and keep exceeding.

. Be courageous to break through our own old experience and limitation; Regard pursuit of the limit as the source of joy work.


. Be aggressive to find problem then solve it and never pass problem to others.

. When problem occurs, first seek my own faults while never be irresponsible.

. Be courageous to take more responsibility and challenge higher goal.


. Be of credibility and integrity; Seek truth from facts.

. Appreciate others’ advantages, respect and trust each other.

. Be grateful.

. Keep improving our own competition and be a steady doer.

. Fair, justice and impartial.


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