Expertise Field


With RF technology as its core,

Sunway has become a RF technology-oriented integrated solution provider of accessories,

with products ranges from antenna,

precision metal parts, MIM metal parts,

acoustics and new materials products, etc.

  • Powerful R&D strength

    we have set up five cutting-edge R&D centers in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Stockholm and San Jose, and we have an advanced technology team, in which most of the team members hold PhD degrees.

  • One-stop solutions

    Mobile terminal antenna, acoustic, connectors, precision metal parts, MIM metal parts and new material products can provide our customer with the best one-stop solution.

  • Industry -leading technology advantages

    Have more than 200 patents.

  • Reliable quality system

    Our product undergo rigorous testing to guarantee the high quality required by our customer.

  • strong expasion capacity&Quick response

    Two factories locates in Shenzhen and Beijing can provide our customers with fast response and timely delivery

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